About Shaw Martial Arts

Shaw Martial Arts was founded in April 2011 by the Shaw Family. Eddie, Arif, Rai and Yasmeen Shaw are all Black Belts in the art of American Karate.

The Shaw Martial Arts Difference

The Shaw Family decided to start the school because they wanted to teach Karate with a structured foundation that continually builds upon itself in a step wise fashion. Students are initially taught basic techniques, which are utilized in higher ranks, as well as adding more complexity to the basic technique as the student progresses through the ranks.

One major difference between our program and other programs is we teach the same curriculum across all of our karate programs. Another difference, and part of the reason why we started our school, is to make sure students understood what they were learning and where they were in the belt system. Because we felt it was important to communicate to the students, we work on giving parents "progress" reports on their kids when when we see they are not track. We make recommendations on what needs to be done so the student will be able to go to the next level. We understand how important structure, discipline and communication is to our school. We have an open door policy where the parents can always reach out and talk to us. The third difference in our program is our commitment to the students--we believe in having a personalized classes for our students. We have a class designed for our younger ninjas who need to learn their curriculum but also want to have a little fun and less structure. We have a class dedicated to our advanced belts to make sure they have the opportunity to focus specifically on their material. Thus creating a better opportunity for their advancement. We have Women's Only and Men's Only classes as well.

We know karate is not for everyone so we always encourage our potential student to come and try out a class before making a commitment.