Shaw Martial Arts Karate, and Self-Defense Programs

Dragon Warriors


Ages 4-7

For our Dragon program, we focus on teaching the lower belt curriculum at a slower pace in 45 minutes.



Ages 7 and older

For our Ninja program, we focus on teaching a step up curriculum. A step up curriculum is based on teaching the basics first then showing the harder versions or teaching more complicated techniques as they advance to higher belts. The step technique requires patience, practice and time to get to the next level.

Men's  & Fighting

& Karate

Ages 4 and older

For our and karate program, we focus on teaching coordination and exercise, with some basic Karate skills. This class is specifically designed to accommodate all students that are ages 4 and older.

Women's Only

Women's Only

Ages 13 and older

For our Women's Only program, we focus on self-defense and specifically designed for females. This program is taught by females to foster a safe and friendly environment that is conducive for females to excel in their development.

Our Mission:

Shaw Martial Arts mission is to empower our students with valuable life skills that benefit development of character, confidence, focus, self-esteem, sportsmanship and physical well being. We want to provide our students a foundation in martial arts which they can use as a tool to increase their confidence and their coordination.

Our Vision:

Shaw Martial Arts vision is to teach the basics and then continually build upon that foundation. We designed a program which builds on itself. We feel our program is unique in that we teach with a purpose.

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