Females Only

This program is currently on hold due to a schedule conflict at the location - we will update this when the program is available.

Our Women's Only program is focused on teaching females the foundations of karate and self defense in an all-woman environment. The following types of students are recommended for this class:

  • 18+ years old
  • Want to be with females only
  • Want to learn Karate
  • Want to learn balance and coordination
  • Learn self-discipline and self defense

Location: 9940 valley ranch Pkwy W, Irving TX 75063 - CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Pricing for this program:

  • $75 per month for 1 day a week
  • One-time registration fee of $75

For our VRIC program, we focus on teaching a step up curriculum. A step up curriculum is based on teaching the basics first then showing the harder versions or teaching more complicated techniques as they advance to higher belts.

The technique requires patience and practice to get to the next level. Everyone starts at the white belt level and advances through belt tests.

Benefits of Karate

  • Helps clear your head and allows you to perform better
  • Self-Discipline
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Increases Coordination
  • Releases Stress
  • Mutual Respect
  • Self Respect
  • Self-Defense

Why Shaw Martial Arts

  • Empowers
  • Transparent
  • Personalized
  • Step Approach Teaching
  • Teaches Self Respect
  • Creates a Fun Learning Environment
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